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Just a short post here, I have recently come across jQuery tools, there is the link: which is in my opinion a great set of tools that get used all the time and are well done.  I can’t think of many sites that i have done that have not had some element of either tabs, tooltips, overlays or form validations, if not multiple of those.  And the great thing is is that jQuery tools handles all of those things, and quite well if I might add.  The fully featured version of it is 46.32Kb, but the cool thing is that you can pick and choose which features you want, so if you only want form validation, you can thin it down to a slim 6.32Kb.

They also provide several pre-packaged versions of it that are hosted through them via a cdn, so again, not a bad option.  As with just about all frameworks documentation is a little lacking of examples and what not, but if you are too lazy to dig around google for answers then you just need to hire someone to write code for you.