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Cloudflare, site protection and free CDN support

Recently I came across a new free service called Cloudflare.  It is a pretty cool service that handles protecting your site from known malicious entities as well as helping to deliver your site through CDN services.  Now I just found these guys and don’t know in detail how all of this is accomplished, but here is what I know so far from their video description on their homepage.  Basically the more sites that use Cloudflare the better cloudflare gets at protecting all the sites, by setting up your sites nameservers to point to cloudflare it gets to see traffic that it trying to get to your site, and when it recognizes a security threat it goes aheads and blocks that request from your server.  While this isn’t 100% for sure that nothing bad is ever going to get to your site, it does help to weed out the many low level attacks that can come to a web server.

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